What is a perpendicular line definition

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what is a perpendicular line definition

It is not used for personalising ads. Sign Up for Splash Math. Fun Facts Perpendicular lines are always intersecting lines; however, intersecting lines are not always perpendicular. Try related math problems: I have a school wide license School logins are only available for schools which have bought school wide license of Splash math premium.

what is a perpendicular line definition

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Perpendicular Lines - Definition with Examples

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what is a perpendicular line definition

Teacher Parent Already Signed up? Give your children opportunities to observe perpendicular lines in objects or places around them, such as a tall tree on the ground, an electric pole on the pavement, railway intersection, corner of two adjacent walls and high buildings. Perpendicular lines can be found everywhere around us, like at street intersections, in rectangular window panes. This website uses cookies to analyse traffic and for ad measurement.

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