What does bridged damp proof course means

This is traditionally prevented by the insertion of a damp proof course during construction. Bridging a Private Sewer Pipe?

what does bridged damp proof course means

Discussion in ' Building ' started by rebroad , 3 Jun 2003. Sound about right. This involved the skirting boards being removed, holes drills between the bricks, and a special chemical being injected into the walls.

Bridging Damp

If this physical barrier is absent, has broken down or is damaged then it is often possible to install a remedial damp proof course DPC to control water rising from the ground.

Where rising damp has caused mortar in external face brickwork to fret, the appearance of the brickwork can be restored by repointing the joints.

what does bridged damp proof course means

Inevitably some repairs are required, although the installation of a new damp proof course is not necessary as in this circumstance the original DPC is working just fine. Because of this, a completely drywall will not be created unless contaminated plaster is replaced. Disrupted Damp-Proof Course Movement to which all structures are subjected sometimes cause brittle dpcs to crack. The d. Leeds Country: Penetrating damp can be damaging to a property and even if it does not penetrate all the way through a wall it often results in moss growth, increased heat loss and frost damage into masonry.

what does bridged damp proof course means

Bridging of Damp Proof Courses is caused when the ground level outside a solid wall is higher than the installed damp-proof course. Media Photo Gallery News Blog.

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My Damp Proof Course is bridged

Bridging damp proof courses Discussion in ' Building ' started by rebroad , 3 Jun 2003. Log in or Sign up. This problem is most commonly seen in older houses where a bituminous felt membrane was used that is less than the full width of the wall.

A mortar bed-course, at a level below the lowest floor, framing member is cut out and a new dpc membrane is then inserted into the resulting horizontal gap.

It will pay to check any Builders credentials if they offer Damp proofing and if they can't back it up with the right paperwork then find one who can.

what does bridged damp proof course means