What are examples of general reference maps

First some advice Once the information for a map has been gathered the next step is to produce the map.

what are examples of general reference maps

A roadmap is one of the most widely used map types. The second box is defining when the symbol is to be used. Italics, bold and differently coloured fonts may and should be used to add emphasis or distinguish different features. An excellent example of this is maps of scattered islands as is found in the Pacific Ocean — these are typically but not exclusively found it world atlases.

A consistent set of colours should be used for symbols e.

Types of Maps: Topographic, Political, Climate, and More

A topographic map is similar to a physical map in that it shows different physical landscape features. It is based on the convention that an imaginary light source eg the Sun is in the northwest corner of the map and the shadows spread out towards the southeast corner.

what are examples of general reference maps

By contrast, the low elevation, flat coastal areas show contour lines that are spread apart. Elevation Many maps show elevation — especially topographic maps.

COLLECTIONS: Maps: General Reference Maps

The first map is a General Reference map of Australia, where the map occupies the entire 'piece of paper' and the marginalia is included on the face of the map. One convention is that contour lines are generally shown as brown or black lines and bathymetric contour lines are shown as blue lines.

what are examples of general reference maps

Occupy only a part of the 'piece of paper' with the marginalia occupying the remainder. This occurs where the marginalia is very complex. Rarotonga Island in the Cook Islands In the case of the Maritime Zones report map below the inset is at the same scale, but it is from an area outside the extent of the main map.

GIS is used to create general reference maps

Updated January 31, 2019. General Reference maps often enlarge or emphasis some features to aid users.

what are examples of general reference maps

Rivers are shown in blue. However, it could equally have been positioned like this because the map maker liked the 'look of it'. Note how much easier it is for you to imagine the shape of the land. Other common reference maps emphasize physical landscapes—think topographic maps or maps of a national park.

what are examples of general reference maps