How to use stick pick app

Select "Stick Only" mode if you do not intend to ask questions to a given learner. Sticks in this jar would be labeled with a variety of tasks students can do, for example: If these issues can be addressed, the product would be almost perfect.

how to use stick pick app

Best life coach for life coaching. With this app teachers can create classes, add students, track formative assessment data, and share data with parents. Love this app. SusanCnett November 11, 2012 at 6: What makes FollowClass school app different from other school app providers is described clearly in the below table.

how to use stick pick app

After creating a class you will see a screen with an empty can. By assigning a questioning level for each learner teachers can easily scaffold, challenge, and formatively assess by using the app-generated question stems. After you enter a student's name, you will be immediately prompted to select a "question stem" mode for this student.

I would also love an import feature! An online name generator can create the same effect as Popsicle Sticks.

Popsicle Sticks

Register Now or Sign In! Teachers Shown Leticia Garza 7th and 8th grade Math teacher. Please can you help? Stick Pick Replace your coffee can and popsicle sticks with this formative assessment app. I use this app everyday!! Buzz Garwood August 28, 2012 at 2: I was disappointed as well when the app didn't seem to be working after the update, but I deleted and reloaded it as another reviewer suggested and it works great.

Name a class, or create and name multiple classes. Hi Buzz Can you answer the above questions please, specifically the ones regarding adding and removing multiple names.

how to use stick pick app