How to carry a mora knife

Low Carry Attachment for Mora Knives (On a Budget)

Biodynamic 4 years ago. A more robust blade will stand up better under heavy use.

Neck Knife to Carry or Not to Carry

Note that cooking in general, salt water, fruit juices, vinegar etc usually makes a carbon steel blade starting to corrode within seconds. Leave the knife to dry.

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how to carry a mora knife

This is universal for all Moras that have a slotted belt loop such as the Companion Heavy Duty. They turn what is otherwise a near useless sheath into a functional item worthy of being matched with the Mora blade. I Made It!

how to carry a mora knife

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how to carry a mora knife

The More Knife Website: Learn more. About the Author: Visit the Course Calendar: Carbon steel needs to be kept dry or oiled to prevent rust, and stainless needs to be sharpened more frequently. What you want to avoid are knives that are too creative.

how to carry a mora knife

Slid between both pieces is a backup ferro rod. In particular, carbon and laminated steel knives should never be washed in a dishwasher as the aggressive detergent really damages the blade.