Celebrities who look alike 2013

Talk about celebrity look-alikes.

celebrities who look alike 2013

Both are also in different careers. New spectacles.

Celebrity Doppelgangers Make Us Think Hollywood Is Just Filled With Look-Alikes

Both men have the same floppy hairstyles, the same pouty lips, and shockingly similar smiles. Of all the Katy Perry lookalikes out there, Francesca Brown is probably the best one.

The only difference is that Fiennes usually plays the bad guy while Neeson's the hero. Which do you think it is? Since then, he has been on set for movies such as Watchmen 2009 ; Heist 2015 ; Batman vs Superman: Well, that may be true but no one looks that close to tell the difference between two people of uncanny resemblance. Grint appeared in Sheeran's 2011 music video for "Lego House" where the two wore similar outfits.

celebrities who look alike 2013

Morgan is now breaking hearts and bodies on "The Walking Dead. Natalie Portman makes this list twice!

celebrities who look alike 2013

Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. Sobieski — who some say also resembles a young Helen Hunt — left Hollywood to focus on being a mother to her two children. Saldana told The Hollywood Reporter her mom saw Newton on a poster for "Crash" and thought it was her daughter.

33 pairs of celebrities who look nearly identical

Even Matt Damon says he suffers from a case of mistaken identity every now and then with the "Transformers" actor. Also, Jeffrey is a way more popular name in the movie industry and has the portfolio to show it. If these two were to rock the same hairstyle and let their beards grow which they do most of the time , you may think your eyes are playing tricks on you.

You can watch the interview with Jimmy Fallon here.

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Hale added that she believes there's a group of women in Hollywood who all have a similar vibe including herself, Sarah Hyland, and Maisie Williams. Neeson has said people often confuse the "Harry Potter" and "Taken" stars. Bardem may be relatively unpopular but he has worked with some popular names too. An effort has been made to leave out celebrities that are related in a bid to keep the list as authentic as possible — that means no names like Chris and Liam Hemsworth here.

Robbie and Pressly haven't spoken out about getting mistaken for one another, but fans think the two are dead ringers despite a 13-year age difference.