Celebrities who had late first kisses caught

14 Celebs' First Kiss Stories That Are Just As Cute & Awkward As Your Own

One of the most romantic first kiss stories out there is that of Mila Kunis, who had her first kiss with her co-star Ashton Kutcher when she was 15 and they were starring together on That 70's Show. He told Andpop ,. Efron sounds like he had every young boys' first kiss story come true. I thought if I was gentle about it, it would be the long and silent kind.

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I'm 18 And Have Never Been Kissed

We were watching a movie — I want to say it was a horror movie — and I was with the guy that I liked. Turns out, that Gigi was a late bloomer, though… at least in terms of having her first kiss.

He told Seventeen , "I want to say fifth grade. She also blogs at laceandfeathers. Hottest Features See more Hottest Features.

celebrities who had late first kisses caught

She told ET, "My first was in a roller-skating rink... We don't know who Selena's first real life kiss was, but we do know that she lost her v-card to Justin Bieber.

celebrities who had late first kisses caught

Who cares if that old guy was one of the hottest movie stars of all time?! I remember it was sloppy, tasted weird, and it felt like he was spitting in my mouth.

Instead of going into it thinking you have to kiss this other person, think of it as two people making their tongues dance and snuggle.


A fresh take on sports: On the night of my formal, I was the only one of my friends to not have a date, and stood awkwardly to one side in otherwise symmetrical group photos. Surely she can look back and appreciate the fact that it happened now even if wasn't her top priority at the time.

celebrities who had late first kisses caught

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They might even have to the kiss multiple times immediately following the first time. He makes it look like he's not doing anything. Taylor and I kissed a few more times after that, and I can tell you I did learn a few things about kissing from him and from other first kisses in my lifetime.

celebrities who had late first kisses caught

One of whom is the 13 year old daughter of modelling extraordinaire Kate Moss, Lila Grace and her best friend, Stella Jones. Plus who doesn't enjoy a half lip kiss here and there? He blushed and said thank you, it was so hot.