World of tanks covenanter howitzer round

world of tanks covenanter howitzer round

From these a design using many sloped surfaces was chosen to keep the weight low. The vehicle was ordered for production on April 17, 1939. Seek up and blow them to oblivion.

world of tanks covenanter howitzer round

Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. If I recall correctly, the Alecto had one of those guns, too. Started by WhiteTigerKatyusha , Nov 08 2017 - 21: The Covenanter is great. If you aim in 3rd person, the howitzer's trajectory lets you hit tanks over a small hill at range if you're lucky. You are on the right track.

I still have the Covenanter in garage and I take it for the spin from time to time and I tried all of possible armaments. No No Pivot. I keep about 20 rounds of gold ammo just in case I run into an actual tank and have to fight it. Use the 2-pounder - the Bofors was acceptable at Tier 3, but at Tier 4 the lack of pen and inaccuracy makes it less viable, unless you're willing to spend a mint on gold ammo.

The engine to specifically designed for it was to deliver at least 300 hp.

OQF 3-inch Howitzer Mk. which tank to play?

Performance The Covenanter does best when it's able to flank an enemy and dish out damage on the sides. I believe he meant that it is regarded as shitty among general player population and you know who comprises the majority of it , so he won't receive much flak if he just d1cks around in a crusader whereas ppl would get angry at him if he chose to do it with Churchill.

world of tanks covenanter howitzer round

You girls enjoy yourself. However, the 40mm Pom Pom should be ignored unless grinding for the 40mm Bofors; it has practically the same burst and reload as its longer-barreled counterpart but has less penetration.

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Have I figured out the Covenanter?

WhiteTigerKatyusha, on Nov 08 2017 - 16: I liked the Bofors. I require any additional weight capacity, so you can't go wrong no matter what you choose.

I didn't think it had the range to keep me out of trouble against Tier VI heavy tanks like I see in the Covenanter.

world of tanks covenanter howitzer round

You really are just a harasser, adding DPM from weird angles when tanks are occupied by other, more important tanks.

Suggested Equipment. I just now did 672 damage with the 2-pounder, ran out of ammunition, my nerves are fried, and I can't imagine ever averaging something like that performance in this tank.

When to Use HE Rounds in World of Tanks

Thus the slower travel 175 damage derp gun vs that DPM is a waste. The 6 pounder gun gives it insane DPM for a tier 5 non derp. I could never find a gun that I was comfortable with that tank, each gun had its advantages and disadvantages, in the end giving me an headache.