Who won iowa caucus 2012 democratic

Decatur County Paul: What are we waiting on? Dick Gephardt: I am as ignorant as the rest of them, but enjoying the dead heat. Ron Paul 24.

Iowa caucus result: as it happened

Santorum capitalised on a late surge in the final days before voting, competing neck and neck with Romney who ended up with a lower share of the vote than in 2008. Lyon County Santorum: George Bush: Ron Paul 14.

who won iowa caucus 2012 democratic

Despite my earlier wobble, I still think Mitt Romney will squeak it. Conversely even if Romney wins in Iowa it won't be by enough to persuade anyone that he is actually the Republican choice as opposed to its default.

US elections 2012: Iowa caucus results in full

Rick Santorum 32. Newt Gingrich 18. Guardian sage Ana Marie Cox ha s her thoughts on what we have learned tonight. Jon Huntsman 0.

GOP caucus results

He tells us that the losers are those finishing fourth, fifth and sixth. Duggar, whose reality television show follows the inevitable travails that come with raising 19 children, said he expected Santorum to consolidate the religious vote as Bachmann and Perry drop out.

who won iowa caucus 2012 democratic

But then he quotes CS Lewis in praising his wife. Newt Gingrich, who sounds like he's furious.

who won iowa caucus 2012 democratic

Buchanan County Santorum: But that's bang on his 2008 performance. It has come down to this: Dubuque County Romney: This map shows the candidate with the most votes in each county of Iowa:.

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