Hubless bike how does it work

Somewhere between a stealth bomber and a time-trial bike, the Cyclotron design is seriously cool.

Actual, Real Life Working Hubless, Spokeless Bicycle

Email Address. The team behind the bike says the bike's space-grade carbon sandwich is wrapped around a lightweight core structure, allowing them to use fewer layers of carbon and less resin without impacting on the overall strength and rigidity. Planet Earth.

hubless bike how does it work

The shape itself is faintly reminiscent of current time-trial bikes, albeit blockier, although the company is adamant it's been modeled on the aerodynamic form of ultralight gliders and stealth jets. Cyclotron, Kickstarter. Canada United States Other. General Motors wheels out its first commuter-focused e-bikes.

hubless bike how does it work

ALL first-time commenter's posts are held for moderation. Even more impressive is the relatively low price. It was probably partly because people back in the 1860s were saying it was pointless.

It needs 2 cranksets because this arrangement multiplies the gear ratio prior before reaching the single large gear that is the rear wheel. Eye-catching NuBike goes with drive levers instead of a chain. This is a sponsored guide.

hubless bike how does it work

The team's pitch video can be viewed below. When darkness falls, a sensor automatically activates the LED wheel halos and laser-lane display , in an attempt to make the rider easy to see on unlit streets in the dead of night.

cyclotron is the road bike that rides without spokes or tires

The spokes have a giro affect on the bike. Cancel reply.

hubless bike how does it work

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Cyclotron wants to use that space for cargo or children, making its bike more practical than it would otherwise be.

hubless bike how does it work

As well as more traditional 12- and 18-speed manual setups, there's a electronic sequential gearbox available.