How to scan and index documents

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Preparing for document scanning and indexing

These counts will be reconciled before the electronic batches go on to the indexing step. Forms processing takes Zone OCR to another level.

how to scan and index documents

Skip main navigation Press Enter. All small format documents will be scanned as double-sided duplex and all blank backsides will automatically be deleted using blank page deletion and not be included in document scanning counts.

Short delivery time and easy installation will get you started quickly! Thus machine print, handprint and mark sense can be extracted from the same form.

how to scan and index documents

Barcodes and QR codes Applying a barcode on each document in the batch is a very effective method for both separation and identification.

This extra step adds to the cost of the document preparation process and over time can add up to significant increased cost.

how to scan and index documents

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how to scan and index documents

The user interface for the data entry operator is designed to move quickly through the errors, document by document, field by field, or even character by character. When your organization is receiving paper documents that have to be scanned and indexed, there are a number of options to choose from. Identify whether you want to use data in an external database to populate more index fields.

how to scan and index documents

Automated forms processing using OCR, ICR and mark sense can be very accurate, especially when combined with advanced validation rules. Copyright c AIIM 2018.

Indexing Documents

For each unique image, the data is always in the same general location. It has been done very successfully for invoices and Explanation of Benefit forms.

Separation and indexing

How to buy PixEdit Software. Online Support Options. Authorized Dealers Simple Index is a great addition to any system integrator's product line. Online Video Library. Identify the name that you want the Operator to see for each field.