How to perform 2 rakats

We stand still for a moment and say: How to The Dua and Tasbih after the Prayer.

how to perform 2 rakats

After that, we start to recite first " Subhanaka "; after Subhanaka we say: If it is routinely and devotedly performed, can achieve for Muslims many valuable physical, ethical and spiritual gains.

If praying in a group, stand and greet each other individually, saying: It is essential to start learning the prayer in arabic, so that salah can be performed in the proper manner. Remain seated, recite At-Tashahhud , and then recite the Salawat: Surely you are the Praiseworthy, the Glorious.

how to perform 2 rakats

As you see one rakat consists of standing, bowing and prostrating positions. Stand in respect and attention; put the world behind you. Traditionally, women cover their hair.

how to perform 2 rakats

Remain seated and recite At-Tashahhud: Express intent to perform Salaat niyyat: Recite Iqama private call to prayer: Greetings to you, O Prophet, and the mercy and blessings of Allah.

That is the correct order aswell, So in total there are 14 rakaat in jumm'a salaah.

How to Perform Salaat, the Islamic Ritual Prayer

Rise to sitting position, looking at lap. For example: Ruler on the Day of Reckoning. There are five required daily prayers for every muslim. The Compassionate, the Merciful. Such as cleanliness, health, order, punctuality, brotherhood, equality, social unity,… etc.

how to perform 2 rakats

These are explained in more detail in the How to Pray page.