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To scale a copy of the object, click Copy. Unless all values are the default values, clearing transformations results in a change of appearance for the objects. Zeichnen Sie einen kleinen Stern oder Form nach Wunsch 2. Select an object to scale.

Transform objects

If you want to use a different reference point for the rotation, click where you want the reference point to appear. To move the content without moving its frame, direct-select the object. Get 10 free images. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

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Include or exclude stroke weight in measurements. Creating cast shadows when you shear a copy of an object. Adobe Training. The shear angle is the amount of slant to be applied to the object, relative to a line perpendicular to the shear axis. To resize the content of a graphics frame, use the Selection tool to click the content grabber or direct-select the graphic, and then drag any of the graphics frame handles. Cookie Policy. Applies to: Indesign CC — Creative Cloud: A very practical tool, Adobe InDesign has featured for years.

Rotate an object using the Rotate tool.

How to Use the Rotate Tool in Adobe InDesign

Stock like only Adobe can. To move an object to a specific numeric location, type a value for each of the X horizontal or Y vertical position options in the Transform or Control panel. AllebaziB Vector reference: