Evinrude 50 dies when warm

I have the motor to three different shops and still after 5 years it runs like crap and is getting worse.

1983 Evinrude running but still stalls - confort-durable.com

Turn on suggestions. You should have your dealer check over the motor using diagnostic software to see if there are any error codes stored in the motor and to address them. The previous owner had some gas in it, but said it was fresh. You could have missed some stuff in the high speed jet or picked up new crud from your tank.

60HP misses and stalls between 1000-2000 RPM

It's also a pain the butt to remove all of them. Originally Posted by Bullshipper.

evinrude 50 dies when warm

Very frustrating. Upload Photos or Videos.

evinrude 50 dies when warm

The engine idles rough when warmed up and stalls. I'm going to take it back in after hunting this weekend.

2009 etec 30HP runs then shuts off and won't restart and no alarms

It's an excellent fuel stabilizer and treatment. I have changed gas lines and fuel tanks, but it didn't help.

evinrude 50 dies when warm

Have not had time to pull off yacht and send back to shop. Originally Posted by floffshore. Social Media. If I wanted your advice my wife would have told me to ask you for it. There is little one way valves that can get dirt or rust.

evinrude 50 dies when warm

I have a 2005 Johnson 90 HP 2 stroke, carbs with low hours. Also, these engines will run pretty well on one cylinder. Sep 5, 2002 Location: I have checked the primer bulb is firm and checked the fuel bowls and plugs - there is definitely getting fuel through.

Now, it takes about 1. Nov 20, 2011 9. Got it home and the impeller was in back to front broke down every 200mtrs or so , got it fixed after i was told i started it out of the water i live on a waterfront so not a chance.

evinrude 50 dies when warm

Always use the proper service manual for your motor, up-to-date service literature, the correct tools, and have an understanding of how to proceed with troubleshooting and repair methods.