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By the way, how much importants for you the feedback of your audience? I say that from an American perspective. Tabaimo, Dolefullhouse, 2007, video installation. All the great artists got academic education. The more artists that I have encountered who work differently than I do and make a variety of objects, installations, paintings, photographs and experiences, the more I think that what really matters is that that person made it with intention for someone else to experience.

Thank you for your time and for sharing with us your thoughts, Carrie. Sedimenting began with a sculptural form. The movement and composition suggest a subjective point of view. So the question is not a question for me, but for those who view work, although the subjectivity of this definition will inevitably provide infinite answers. If we think about landscape as nature, as the other, and if we assume that we only know ourselves, our cultures, through also knowing what we are not, then art and making art is one of the few ways we have to peek over and through that divide.

Of course it is hard to sell or give your own work to anybody else because it is lime a child for you.


What Frampton did with film editing, Tribe translated into a live performance. So far I have painted a Japanese mountain goat caught in headlights, and a Russian mountainous landscape of geysers which resemble sandcastles.

While crossing the borders of different artistic fields have you ever happened to realize that a synergy between different disciplines is the only way to achieve some results, to express some concepts? Landscapes are neither far nor close.

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By the way, I would go as far as to say that in a way Science is assimilating Art and viceversa... Other Hours. As you have remarked, advertising images are constructed to create an illusory nature: I had small notes of rough composition and colour-balance plans before starting on the canvas, but threw them away before. Regarding definition of art modernity I do not divide art works into mainstream, underground and classics. I as an artist believe that keeping up with ephemera fashion shall not serve as a factor of art work modernity.

What maintains the illusion of a difference that counts, establishes ground, and holds onto it? Each object is important. As you have remarked, the use of sound and video as equal partners provides a corporeal viewing experience...

But for that period I created not only landscape paintings. The work starts to take shape in the editing stages.