Whatever emoticon for droid

So you need to use a keyword that you would otherwise not use in normal conversations. Shruggie, it turns out, actually has quite an impressively rich history. On the iPhone, it's called: So here — I've done my best to take the mystery out of it. I'd be willing to bet that the most commonly used method of shruggie-ing is just a good old fashioned copy-paste operation.

whatever emoticon for droid

Sadly, shruggie is not among the pre-programed kaomoji that exist in the Japanese Kana iPhone keyboard — something which I feel is a major oversight that should be remedied at the earliest possible moment. I don't speak or write Japanese, which means I'm probably failing my heritage sorry, Dad ; it also means that I, disappointingly, was not able to figure out how to type shruggie on my own.

How To Type Shrug Emoji on iPhone, Android, Mac & PC

The idea is pretty much the same as it is for the iPhone: Some of the components of shruggie are derived from the Japaneses katakana script. I feel like I should have figured this one out without help; my boyfriend set my phone to autocorrect his name to "His Grace" when I wasn't looking a few years ago, which is pretty much the same thing.

whatever emoticon for droid

On Android Phones, we create a shortcut using the Personal Dictionary settings. No problem — you can customize shortcuts on Android phones , too, with these handy instructions from Tech Republic.

Make sure the trigger keyword is unique and not a term that you use everyday. You use it on your Mac, you use it on your phone, you use it in your everyday conversations.

The Best Way to Type ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Unlike iPhones, shortcuts do not get replaced automatically in Android Phones. Don't have an iPhone?

whatever emoticon for droid

Like a good neighbor. You can set your phone to autocorrect a certain word into shruggie.

whatever emoticon for droid

If you have a Mac, you can instruct it to autocorrect a specific word into shruggie. The app does exactly what it says it does: Why does shruggie mean so dang much to us? Twitter 0. Anyway, my point is this: Hat tip to Bustle's own Jessica Blankenship for alerting me to the fact that this ingenious little trick is possible: But using simple tricks and hacks, it is possible to easily type out the emoji on your phones and computers.

Here are five different ways you can get a little more shruggie in your life, because, well…. It works for phones, tablets, and computers, too, so no matter which mode of communication you prefer, shruggie is there for you.

These have been detailed in our sister site: But each and every time he makes an appearance, the same question always emerges: