What happened to suburbia game on facebook

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Suburbia 2 Support

This way, the process will be faster and you will be able to play again sooner. Solve beautifully designed layouts and explore eye-popping art work as you travel through time…of course together with Sparky the Dog, your loyal companion. But you have to pay rubies to get early access. She also mentioned a 'spice problem'. You have limited storage that you can't upgrade.

But in mixed ways. Third, delete temporary files such as cache and cookies.

MegaZebra’s Suburbia creates relationships in the virtual world and out

Most probably you used them to speed up cooking times or to purchase tools. Yeah, no, this is awful. Please use it to send us a report and we will investigate it. Can I discard orders? With these waiting times, you'll be stuck for hours waiting for a pie to ship to the library, to get enough points to talk to a woman who may say something entirely pointless.

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what happened to suburbia game on facebook

You have 4 units of energy every 18 hours. Please send us a technical report or contact us on our Facebook fan page with your Facebook UID and the transactions details and we will get back to you shortly.

what happened to suburbia game on facebook

Mostly because they aren't needed in between episodes, but in between the basic actions of the story. Also, please consider it can take 24 to 48 hours until your credits are credited.

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But, beware, not everything is safe and sound behind those picket fences. So what's the sequel like? You have a time limit to farm plenty of recipes and then only get a small amount of cash. An episode can still be in progress, but you have to ship hundreds of apples just to talk with a different character than the one you were originally talking with.

And, just as expected, no plans to fix the first game. This is both good and bad. Customize your avatar to go undercover, or dress up for success in your new career. These 'ingredient farming' games are everywhere and this one's only perk is a story that just won't get moving.

what happened to suburbia game on facebook