What did you think of star wars

To all the goons involved with approving and allowing such garbage on the big screen, shame on you! NO solo or episode 9 for me! Star Wars has become an insular franchise that relies heavily on its past — so much so, it has revisited A New Hope by expanding on how the Death Star plans were obtained.

Star Wars Episode 9 – what we know so far about the final film in the trilogy

Sell it back to Lucas, have him start over where he left off. Im sooo glad im not the only one who thinks like that and actually everyone else sees it. We explore what the procedure entails, how the system works, and take a look at the latest developments from Australian company Cochlear. There was naturally a lot of excitement when it was announced that Star Wars would be coming back.

what did you think of star wars

Jameela Jamil and Karl Lagerfeld Credit: Your email address will not be published. The leak reads: However, Johnson said that the question of her parentage could be explored further in episode 9: Like a Sith master and his apprentice I think? Parts of the weapon seem to be under construction and not finished. Read More , of course.

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Let's figure this out. Sickening that they ruined it for the heroes. What is it with Star Wars fans and the order these movies are watched? He talked for a few minutes about sand.

The magic is gone, and they missed a huge opportunity with Hamill, Fisher and Ford that will never be able to happen again.

what did you think of star wars

Top of the line sword play and fighting. It can still be enjoyed but just don't expect it to invoke the same feelings of the original. It is a BAD, forgettable movie with no magic, awkward scenes, nervous humor, cardboard characters and hollow spirit. Why did the droid army put up a blockade when anyone can hyperspace from inside a planet?

Why Do So Many 'Star Wars' Fans Hate 'The Last Jedi'?

Star Wars: Other fans have suggested that the titles of the new trilogy spell the first part of a sentence: Abrams trilogy-ender. It could have continued to be this serial adventure but in resolving the Darth Vader story, it is no longer the light, fun adventure but now a dark, dramatic, who knows what but still in the Star Wars universe. Please note:

what did you think of star wars