Nowhere britain 75 miles coast to coast

One kilometre south-east is Church Flatts Farm, which is 113km 70 miles from the nearest point on the coast, or 72km 45 miles from the nearest tidal water. The way I've understood the metaphor is that it exemplifies the supra-empirical nature of many aspects of religion.

nowhere britain 75 miles coast to coast

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nowhere britain 75 miles coast to coast

Anywhere in the south? You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2. Jeff Leather, Liverpool, England The furthest point from the sea in the uk is a little place called shortheath,near Moira,which is near ashby.

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Lichfield in Staffordshire has a plaque indicating England's furthest point from the sea — a distance of 84 miles. I say 'pooey!

nowhere britain 75 miles coast to coast

In that case I think Milton Keynes would be the furthest point from the sea. Like Loading... Enter this into streetmap or multimap to see it on a map.

Notes & Queries: Which British town is furthest from the sea?

Geography features. Benjamin Gravestock, Ashby de la Zouch, England I have always thought, and my rough calculations with map and compass confirm this; that the furthest point from the sea in Britain is a place called Cross-in-Hand which is, incidentally, where the Roman roads, the Watling St, and the Fosse Way, cross.

That is, we can't measure heaven, Allah or Ganesha's trunk — and why would we need to? This site uses cookies. Angus Prune, Sutton, Coldfield I am more confused than ever, i have always been led to believe that Weston Turville, and then after a few years somebody tried to convince me it was Haddenham, both in Aylesbury. The long tracking shot at the beginning of Kanal , which introduces the individual members of the detachment of Polish freedom fighters before they eventually descend to fight in the Warsaw sewers, is among the most memorable in all cinema — as is the brave, heartbreaking image that ends the film.

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nowhere britain 75 miles coast to coast

Did theologians ever really debate the number of angels that could dance on the head of a pin? Crikey get a ruler out!

nowhere britain 75 miles coast to coast

It is actually just south of Church Flatts Farm, Coton. As bad luck would have it, I live in a long forgotten place called Tamworth. They just don't know what they're on about! So, somewhere in Greater Manchester could be in the running.