How to treat tumors on goldfish pictures

Sometimes, a superficial skin tumor can be removed surgically. Photo by 22Lauren Flickr.

Goldfish Tumor

Test freshwater for SSG by scooping water up in a clear glass. Registered Users Advisers Posts: Yes, it just popped up while I was away.

how to treat tumors on goldfish pictures

Supersaturated gases are often a problem when large water changes are a being performed. Sent from my desktop or phone or whatever else I am holding on to I'm ready for the pressure. The antibacterial properties in garlic also help the immune system. Then I started the 7-day treatment hoping that the lower nitrate level plus the medication will solve the problem.

how to treat tumors on goldfish pictures

About the Author: BB code is On. Let it run for a few days before using. Maybe I had high levels of nitrate in the past, and even though the fish seemed healthy, he finally got sick with this... Of course, it is also true that this problem of floating develops in many fancy goldfish over time anyway.

Tumors on Goldfish

But be careful! A complete fish lice life cycle can take longer than that of many other parasites.

how to treat tumors on goldfish pictures

No changes to the water, tank, I've had the fish for 5 years and it got sick once or twice, with fungus. Add a pond pump to your freshwater bucket to disperse these gases.

7 Common Goldfish Diseases: Are Your Goldfish Sick?

Fed but never cleaned, the person with no knowledge of what they were doing. A little aquarium salt can also help reduce stress you can read more about aquarium salt in this guide here. It might take a couple of weeks before signs of anchor worm disappear.