How does silverado locking differential work

The G80 is a specialized differential designed by Eaton to work as a low-speed traction aid, offering full lockup during its operation. View the full press release Hide press release.

how does silverado locking differential work

Trucks need traction to get the job done. Model View All.

how does silverado locking differential work

Speaking from personal experience, the G80 works well at providing the extra traction needed to get through sticky situations. Simply put, the G80 engages automatically and without driver input to evenly distribute power both rear wheels.

Deep Dive: And thanks to its order code, most folks know the mechanical locker as the Eaton G80.

how does silverado locking differential work

It provides more sure-footed traction than a conventional limited-slip axle, which can allow the wheels to turn at different rates in a low-traction environment, limiting the amount of traction-enhancing torque that can be channeled to the faster-spinning wheel.

When in normal conditions, the unit acts as an open differential, letting the rear tires spin independently of each other, with the outside wheel spinning faster during turns. Often referred to as the G80 for its order code, the rear axle locks automatically if one wheel starts to spin, enabling both rear wheels to propel the truck.

Automotive journalist job. The lockup and disengagement processes happen instantly and are practically imperceptible to the driver. Chevrolet Silverado.

how does silverado locking differential work

Press Release Trucks need traction to get the job done. But for the majority of consumers, the G80 works as a decent alternative to aftermarket lockers, limited-slip differentials, or perhaps even 4WD.

Deep Dive: General Motors’ G80 Locking Rear Differential

And whether it is winter snow, spring mud or the weed-covered boat ramps of summer, an automatic locking rear axle can help keep Chevy trucks moving ahead with enhanced confidence and control.

Unlike electronic lockers, the G80 engages and disengages automatically, with no input from the driver.

how does silverado locking differential work

Eaton has included two such actuating pawls, allowing the G80 to work in both forward and reverse gears. General Motors offers the Eaton G80 automatic locking rear differential on all its body-on-frame SUVs and trucks — either as standard equipment or as an optional extra.


This action locks together both axle shafts, and therefore makes both wheels rotate at the same speed. With technology by Eaton, the G80 performs as an open differential until excessive slip in one wheel automatically triggers the locking mechanism, ensuring the rear wheels turn at the same speed.